We can help with any aspect of keeping your bike on the road

- Safety inspections
- Basic maintenance
- Carburetor tuning
- Full-service repairs
- Parts/upgrades
- Engine & transmission rebuilds


We can help with any of the following jobs:

- Aftermarket parts installation
- Battery boxes, battery replacement
- Brake upgrades
- Seat hoop
- Subframe
- Wiring, lighting, indicators
- Wheel building
- Front end swaps
- Engine tuning
- Parts fabrication
- More

If you want help with something that isn’t on the list just drop us a message, we like a challenge.

We specialise in customising, repairing and building motorcycles. Our aim is to offer a friendly, helpful, inclusive service and will work on any job, from building a completely custom motorcycle to helping you rebuild your carburettor or simply installing a new headlight.

We don’t think paying for us to work on your bike should be a mystery. Drop us an email, give us a call or come in for a chat. We don’t charge for quoting, and it’s entirely up to you how much of the work we do.


The new old motorbike check up

Sometimes you’ll buy a bike with your heart, not your brain. Which sometimes can result in you suddenly having a motorbike in your garage that doesn’t work.
If that happens get in touch with us. We can go through your new bike, help you determine the issues and see what needs to be done to get your new old bike on the road


When you’re building your custom bike there comes a point when you need to do a bit of welding. We can help with anything from welding new tabs to complete sub-frame customisation.

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